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Let it rain…later!


If only I can get my ride in, then I’ll be able to get that boring stuff done”.

If you’re a cyclist, you understand what I’m saying. You know, when it rains two days in a row and you’re stuck inside on your day off, waiting for it to clear up. Anxious to see the sun again. Wondering how you’ll manage to live one more day, (well, make it one more hour!) without getting your training ride done…

Kind of like a lion jammed in a tiny cage. Going nuts. Turning in circle. Loosing it! Not only disappointment, but frustration, annoyance and sometimes, even anger. Everything gets on your nerves. You cannot think straight anymore!

Walking around, all grumpy, not focusing, checking the weather report over an over again, just in case it suddenly changes. Asking yourself: “But why today?”

Over the years, riding my bike has become part of my daily routine. Like eating, showering, working and sleeping. I don’t sit down and ask myself: “hmmm, do I feel like riding my bike today?” Of course not! Nearly everyday, 2 hours after breakfast, I just put one of my favourite kit on, fill my water bottles, grab some bar and Gummy bears, my phone, a few dollars, jump on my San Marco saddle and start pedaling.

Phew! Only at that moment, I can breathe again, turn off my brain and let the magic begin.

  • It’s a must.
  • It’s what I need.
  • It’s my way of dealing with my daily worries.


Of course I allow myself to have full recovery days, but I like to plan them ahead. It’s just horrible when the weather dictates when I can or cannot ride.

Rain, rain, go away now, you’re driving me crazy! I promise to do all my house chores after and make the house look Spic and spine!   

                                        (Oops! Rue Coupal on Monday morning)

                                             (Quick trying to destroy this bone. Oh, he succeeded!)

                                 (Me, making new friends yesterday.)

                                     (Pretty country side pic here at La Conception.)

                                          (Berry season is on…and early this year!) 



Sirop d’érable and bikes!

What a week it has been. First, that snow on Monday morning really put everyone in a terrible mood; an awful déjà vu for all of us, living in Quebec. In addition, my legs started hurting like crazy, for no apparent reason. No being able to stand up kind of hurting. Or maybe it was just my excuse to spend some time in our brand new sectional…

Anyway, went for a short ride on Tuesday; under-dressed with 3 layers. That cold wind blasting sand all over my Felt. To non-cyclists, layers are irrelevant. But to cyclists, they are essential. The more you have in your closet, the more kick ass you are. The less you have to wear during your ride, the happier you are… Aaaah the satisfaction of getting closer and closer to summertime riding!

So, on Friday, something magical happened: no long thermal bibs. No Neoprene shoe covers. Nope. The sun not only showed up;  it was waaaaarm. Over 20°C!  World record this time of year. Bibs, jersey, vest and white sleeves only. Couldn’t believe it, had to take off those sleeves after a few minutes. Funny, for some reason, I feel more secure when I’ve got sleeves on. You know, just in case… Anyhow, in the back pocket they went!

Ok now, since it’s Saturday, enough of that writing; let’s see pics!

Yep, still snow on top of Tremblant! But at least, the ice finally melted on Lac Maskinongé.

That’s where real Maple syrup comes from (cabane à sucre). Or Sirop d’érable like we say here. Mmmmm.

Quick is thinking about ordering 4 of those Pearl Izumi paw covers for next winter…

(Yep, saving my white Italian shoes for my new Izoard!)

Ciao guys!



Youpi, Snowstorm!


 Part 1 : 10h30, Wednesday morning.

Waiting state for me today.

In Tremblant, according to Accuweather, we’re expecting 15 to 25 cm of heavy snow. And tonight, an extra 8 to 15. Getting colder also, down to -26°C (-14F for you guys south of the boarder).

It’s the first storm of the season.

In Montreal, it complicates the traffic.

Here, it makes everybody happy: tourists, skiers, store owners, kids, dogs…and me!

Here is a before it all started pic :

So far, the snow is pretty and fluffy. The wind is picking up. We’re getting somewhere!

You may be wondering what I mean by waiting state. I mean waiting to put on my favourite Silverfoot tuque, my warmest ski gloves, my super North Face boots…and my snowshoes!

To do so, I need a minimum of 15cm. Such a fun feeling to get out and head in the woods right next to my house, and opening up my trails! Quick, my black Lab, loves it too! Of course, so many deers here! You can see him asking me: « I’m all set, when is the real stuff  coming? »

As I said before, great workout, low cost and fun!

A way to enjoy those cold and nasty winter days.

Will be back later today for a storm update. Meanwhile, keep warm, enjoy a soup  and hope for a lot of that awesome snow!


PS Can’t wait for the after pic.

PS2 Oh, by the way, would love to know how YOU feel about snowstorms…


September’s the best!

cycling around Tremblant 008
Gorgeous Wednesday morning here in Tremblant. When everybody is back at work in the city, I’m out there, riding my bike, in the country. Beautiful scenery. The usual for me. I’m spoiled! I met 4 new guys too. Huge ones. I say guys but I’m really not sure. Are white horses female? Don’t know much about horses as you can see but i love them! Love watching them, petting their long soft pink nose. Feels like velvet. And they’re so friendly, looking at me with those big round eyes, waiting for an apple or some carrots. Never have any of those in my back pockets, unfortunately. Cliff bar? Jelly beans? Got those!



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