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The ideal summer combo: sun and heat. It’s never been that hot. By never, I mean it’s unusual for us, québécois, to get more than 2 days of warm weather in July. Of course I’m pushing it a bit, but you get the idea.

With both the sunshine and high temperature working over time, I’ve been a very happy camper, to say the least. Riding my bike, reading in the shade on our deck, walking around in shorts and t-shirts. It may sound silly but when you have to deal with cold weather for months, you are thankful for those simple pleasures. And you wish it would stick around forever.

Tanning wise, I’m getting there. Got my 2 different shades on, like any avid cyclist, which I like to compare to chocolate: half of me is dark chocolate and the other half is white! Oh well, I avoid public beaches and mirrors anyway, so no worries!

On the down side, heatwave also calls for a lack of rain. Riding along the Rivière Rouge in the countryside around Tremblant is where you can really notice the effect of our dry July. As stunning as the river can be, it shows a different picture now; a sandy, dehydrated river, craving for water. I can hear it calling out for help: “I’m thirsty! Please, let it rain!”

Here is the river before and after:

                                    (I’ve never seen that many rocks; they usually hide underneath the water)

In my perfect world, it would rain in the evening or at night time and the sun would shine from 7am to 8pm. That would make for a sparkly river. Unfortunately, I’m not in charge…

A perfect combo for some and a struggle for others.

Weird world.



Like a lifesaver

I’m on my bike. Pat is next to me.

It’s warm and sunny. All is good. So far!

We’re going pretty fast though.

Pat seems to be in great spirits. I’m sure he thinks we’re just cruising around.

We still have at least 15 km to go.

I can feel he wants to finish strong. He always does. I usually do too.

But now, the wind is picking up, turning against us, blowing right in our faces. Stiff and cold.

And to make it worse, on this section of the 327 towards Mont-Tremblant, the road is flat. I hate flats. Hurts my lower back.

Then, it hits me. I’m totally out of fuel, paying for the couple of sprints that I have won earlier on the ride. What was victory then is now transforming into a total lack of energy. Lack of judgement too. Plain stupid.

What a waste!

No way that I can keep up with Pat. My heartbeat is rising. Never a good sign!

Don’t want to tell him to slow down. Shame- pride-humiliation. All of the above. 

Oh nooo, I don’t want to be dropped…Please stay! 

In an instant, as I’m loosing fate in myself, my mind is taking over my entire body. Clic. The survivor switch is off. Done.

The first stage of defeat. Psychological defeat that is.

Pafff. The wall.

It. Hurts. So. Much.

I’ve got tears running out of my eyes, overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

I know he knows. He’s still on my left side.

He looks at me, but doesn’t say anything. He accelerates just for a second and goes in front of me. Without any hesitation, I take his wheel.

I’m not alone anymore. I’ve just been saved!

Like a gentleman, he safely pulls* me home.


* To pull: in cycling, it means to act like a human screen for the rider behind you. If done right, you can actually save up to 30% of your energy by sitting on someone’s wheel. It can be an awesome experience when the rider in front is a smooth cyclist!

Merci Coachpat for all the pulling you do for me!



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