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Sirop d’érable and bikes!

What a week it has been. First, that snow on Monday morning really put everyone in a terrible mood; an awful déjà vu for all of us, living in Quebec. In addition, my legs started hurting like crazy, for no apparent reason. No being able to stand up kind of hurting. Or maybe it was just my excuse to spend some time in our brand new sectional…

Anyway, went for a short ride on Tuesday; under-dressed with 3 layers. That cold wind blasting sand all over my Felt. To non-cyclists, layers are irrelevant. But to cyclists, they are essential. The more you have in your closet, the more kick ass you are. The less you have to wear during your ride, the happier you are… Aaaah the satisfaction of getting closer and closer to summertime riding!

So, on Friday, something magical happened: no long thermal bibs. No Neoprene shoe covers. Nope. The sun not only showed up;  it was waaaaarm. Over 20°C!  World record this time of year. Bibs, jersey, vest and white sleeves only. Couldn’t believe it, had to take off those sleeves after a few minutes. Funny, for some reason, I feel more secure when I’ve got sleeves on. You know, just in case… Anyhow, in the back pocket they went!

Ok now, since it’s Saturday, enough of that writing; let’s see pics!

Yep, still snow on top of Tremblant! But at least, the ice finally melted on Lac Maskinongé.

That’s where real Maple syrup comes from (cabane à sucre). Or Sirop d’érable like we say here. Mmmmm.

Quick is thinking about ordering 4 of those Pearl Izumi paw covers for next winter…

(Yep, saving my white Italian shoes for my new Izoard!)

Ciao guys!



Today, I got to ride!

Last night, around 5pm. Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Pat says to me:

– Since I changed the cassette (cog) on your old Felt, I could also put my wheels on it, in case you’d like to go for a ride tomorrow.

– What, are you serious? Yoohoo, please do it. Now!!

(We are still waiting for those 2 Italians; Izoard and CentoUno).

From that instant, I wanted the evening to just pass by, disappear. Let it be Wednesday, please, maintenant! First ride of the season is always very exciting! The end of winter, a genuine relieve. 4 months of cold weather can be really hard on you. Really.

Surprisingly, slept ok. And, in the early morning, I had a dream about a girl, riding a black bicycle…

6:05  Hello morning!

10:oo  27°F. Ouch, too cold. Frost on my car. Waited a while.

11:30 Nearly up to 40°F, in the sun. Ok, let’s do it Mari-jo!

Deciding on what to wear and mostly, how many layers to put on was tricky.

Can you tell that I’ve got 3 layers underneath my jacket, including a thermal jacket? As long as I can breathe and move well, it’s all good! It can get cool when there are still snow banks on the roads.

Took forever to get ready, running around, trying to find my stuff… and Pat’s warm shoe cover. (Let’s keep that to ourselves, deal?)

12:10 All dressed (I sound like a  pizza), ready to go.

12:12 Red Tercel cuts me off. Got nothing against Toyota (some of you might though!), but give me a chance here.

12:20 Lower back and right hip are starting to hurt. Nothing new, just same old pain.

12:21  On the 323 towards Brébeuf, cars are passing me by, going fast, giving me that angry look, like I’m in their way. You know, the usual for us, cyclists!

Today, I couldn’t care less about those reckless drivers.

Couldn’t care less about  that lower back or hip pain. Or that tough headwind.

I wasn’t looking for a fight. Wasn’t up for a struggle. Didn’t expect to be powerful and pain free.

I was way over all that. I just kept on turning my legs. In and out of the saddle. Felt like I was just flying away.

I even smiled at a guy that looked like a serial killer, driving one of those huge pick-ups at 100 miles an hour, in a 90km speed limit zone.

Today, I was just happy to be riding my bicycle again.

Nothing, nobody would get me annoyed, irritated or angry.  

On a Wednesday afternoon, it was sunny outside and even though it was a bit chilly, I got to ride my bike again. That says it all!

(By the way, totally in love with Pat’s wheels! Want them. Need them.)

I had to stop and chat with the horses on my way back. Such good listeners!

À bientôt,



In love with Levi’s Gran Fondo!

I’m sooo in love with Levi Leipheimer’s  King Ridge GranFondo! Here I am, at home in cold Mont-Tremblant  Canada,  and I just can’t stop thinking about it! I’ve been reading so many posts about it the past few weeks and went through hundreds of pics. It just sounds like and amazing journey!

First, I got to specify that anything involving California, for a French Canadian, sounds awesome. You know, the sun, the beach, the surf. But Northern California seems to have so much more to offer: the coast, Redwood Forest, the vineyards, Santa Rosa…and the challenging King Ridge!

For those of you who aren’t cyclists and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me help you here:

  1. Levi who? Levi Leipheimer is an American pro cyclist, long time teammate and friend of Lance Armstrong.
  2.    Gran Fondo? A long distance road cycling event for cyclists of all abilities (an Italian tradition).
  3.    Levi’s GranFondo? 3500 cyclists enjoying the beautiful hilly terrain of Northern  California for a 1 day event.  Click on this link for the video of the first edition, October 2009: (please, watch it all, gotta see those gorgeous coastal switch backs towards the end to really get the feeling of it all!)
  4.     The event raises money for 2 causes:

Ok now, you all know what I’m talking about!

I’m telling you, there’s something magical about those roads… Closing my eyes, I can see myself pedaling effortless, surrounded by striking mountains, astounding views and hundreds of happy cyclists.

Sure hope I can make it there next year. Wouldn’t want to miss it again!

Sonoma County, can’t wait to meet you!


PS Even the lemonade stand looks cool!



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