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Giro Filter sunglasses

 Today, I really wanted to tell you all about my my sacroiliac joint injury. But, as you know, things don’t always go as planned.  As I was doing some research for my post about the SI syndrome, the phone rang. The Giro Rep wanted to meet Pat and me at Couleur Café, the fairly new coffee shop in Saint-Jovite (now called Mont-Tremblant but we, the locals, still call it St-Jovite). Great!  Anything to stay away from some depressing  injury talk… And way more fun to pick  new sunglasses anyway!

So here they are: The Filter, made by Giro.  White and blue, with a slight touch of orange, a very sharp look.

In 2 words: lightcomfy; a perfect fit for my narrow face.

Also featuring:

ZEISS certified lenses; providing clarity and blocking 100% of harmful UVrays.

POP TOP Technology that makes changing lenses easier than ever. Very appealing, especially for a clumsy girl like me; I can break just about anything I put my hands on. No kidding. For some unknown reason, I seem to often find a way to break stuff. Seriously, I once broke a wheel as I was trying to fix it on my trainer. If you invite me at your house for dinner, keep me away from your expensive wine glasses or anything that requires particular care. Dexterity is not my major attribute; pretty funny for a massage therapist…

Anyhow, back to my sharp new Filter glasses. My first attempt on trying to change the lenses ended up being a success! Here’s how to do it:

First, you just turn the lever on the frame and remove the lense(Looks like a scratch but it’s just the light, no worries!)


Then you install the second lense and just lock it into position, leaving no fingerprints. Really, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Next test will be to try them out with my new Pro Light helmet, which I will get very soon.

Have a good weekend everyone,




Pearl Plush this winter at Columbia stores

Columbia 2009-2010 020

I had such a blast today at Columbia store in Tremblant!

A large Americano in one hand, my camera in the other, I was in a happy place, surrounded by so many bright colours!

Micheline was so nice, taking pictures of me trying out lots of different outfits.Columbia 2009-2010 022

And, as you can imagine, I fell in love with a few items;

The Pear Plush Fleece is my personal favourite. So soft, it’s the “absolute queen of comfort”, like they say. For 84$, you may steal her heart for ever! Columbia 2009-2010 024

The Plush collection is also getting famous: Last week, at the Lauch of the 9th edition of the 24h of Tremblant, Mélanie Turgeon and Anne-Marie Withenshaw were proudly posing wearing it!

Here are 5 “must get” for your Christmas stockings:

1-     34.99$: Glacial fleece Half Zip. A soft microfleece, smooth, with an anti-pill finish that will last years.

2-     Pear Plush Fleece hats (20$), scarves (25$) and gloves (25$). Again, treat your loved ones with a little luxury!

3-     59.99$: Fast Track Fleece Jacket: It’s the perfect all-around jacket. There’s even a tiny pocket for you mp3 player.

4-     210$: Lafayette Street Jacket: With the Omni-Tech waterproof, breathable technology, it’s a lovely bomber jacket with an active fit. Gotta love the faux fur on the hood!

5-     149.99$: Helsinky Pants: Omni-Tech waterproof, breathable technology, insulated, articulated knees that gives you both comfort and mobility.

Pink, white and baby blue are definitely in this season. Sweet!

Columbia 2009-2010 031

Merci Micheline!



Mes gants Seal Skinz

Ma fête s’en vient à la fin novembre. Pat, mon amoureux, a déjà commencé à me gâter. Presqu’un mois d’avance, ça s’annonce  plutôt bien!

Premier cadeau: des suuupers gants « all weather comfort ». Quelques particularités:

  1. membrane respirante, impérméable et coupe-vent
  2. coupe spéciale pour femme
  3. très légers
  4. baby blue!
  5. anti-dérapant en silicone aux doigts pour une meilleure prise de guidon…et pour ne pas échapper la bouteille d’eau.

fall 2009 067

Il faisait 0°celcius, lundi, quand je les ai enfilés pour la première fois. Une courte ride de vélo; un vent assez frisquet, vraiment pas chaud pour les oreilles!  Mes petits doigts eux, douillettement enveloppés, ne semblaient nullement embêtés. 

La membrane respirante totalement efficace. Jamais vu des gants performants comme ça! Tellement confortables!

Le prochain gros test, dans quelques semaines, en raquette, peut-être même en ski de fond…

Merci encore Coachpat!



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