Ride with Lance 2009 058Ride with Lance 2009 019
Wow, what an amazing day! The weather was perfect, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Coachpat got up early, about a quarter to 7, jumped in the shower, packed his stuff for the ride and he was out of the house by 7; he had to meet with Mont-Tremblant’s mayor, Dr Pilon a few minutes later.
I, on the other hand, took my time. Having breakfast in front of my screen, I was getting excited, knowing that everything would go smoothly since the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Our region, the http://tourdelance.ca/home.html and the http://www.hotelquintessence.com/ were hosting a great event on this Friday September 11.
I drove my car to a few strategic spots in La Conception to cheer the riders and to take pictures. I wore Pat’s Garmin vest so he could recognize me easily. I just didn’t realize that with Quick on my side, our black Lab, he could see me from far away! Pat and John Korioth (alias College), a close buddy of Lance’s, worked very hard together, pushing riders in the back so they could keep up with the rest of the peloton.


The stop at the marina for the water break was wonderful and the scenery on our way there was magical. Perfect setting for the group photo. that’s were I got to meet the voice of the Tour de France for the last 37 years, the legendary Phil Liggett. What a gentleman! Charming and generous. In an instant, he made me feel like I was his new best friend!
Then, Pat took me by the arm and said: « come on, it’s your chance. » Walking towards Lance, I understood what he meant. He exchanged a few words with Kevin, his agent-bodyguard, who turned to me : « Stay here, don’t move. » I heard Lance looking at Quick, asking Kevin: »a picture with the dog? ». « Yes, the dog and the girl ».
Slowly, he came over, stopped by my side and starting peting my 4 legged son. He was very mellow, standing next to me, but at the same time quite distant. During the shot I just thanked him for taking the time. I had a weird feeling that the shot was taking forever. Time had stopped. Then I just walked away, not wanting to over do it.

Ride with Lance 2009 056

My lucky day kept on going as I ran into Mr. Liggett again for another chat, Mr.Schlemm and Stéphane Quintal for a few more pics.
The lake, the sun, smiles and laughs. Everybody seemed to be having a great time. All for a great cause. The Cedars Cancer Institute has raised nearly 2 million dollars with this event. « People giving to people » says it all. See you all next year!
Ride with Lance 2009 067

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