Never stop exploring


When there’s movement
There’s life
Walking, running, pedaling
Road, paths, trails
Please don’t be scared
Just follow me
I’ll show you the way


Morning fog, sunshine, fresh air
Striking surroundings
Rain, snow and ice
Exploring the boundaries
Life in the fast lane
Fighting the elements
Please don’t be scared
Just take my hand
Let me be your leader
I’ll show you the way


But yet another day
Another challenging journey
Facing adversity
But this time, a total different ball game
No movement involved
I could fake happiness
But I lost my spark
It’s all just a blur


Stuck in a body that isn’t mine
I can’t reach; I’m lost at sea
Even if I see the land
I fear I won’t make it
The unknown, you know…
Please give me your hand
And show me the way
Tell me I will heal, I promise I’ll never let go




3 Responses to “Never stop exploring”

  1. 1 RaceG
    23 octobre 2010 à 11:23

    Wao. Beautiful & intense! You are good at this poem writting Love it! XOXO

  2. 2 John Chappell
    23 octobre 2010 à 4:37

    Very nice Mari Jo

  3. 5 novembre 2010 à 10:18

    You have done a great job summarizing a beautiful run. Quick looks ready to run! I love the pic of the forest too.

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