Let it rain…later!


If only I can get my ride in, then I’ll be able to get that boring stuff done”.

If you’re a cyclist, you understand what I’m saying. You know, when it rains two days in a row and you’re stuck inside on your day off, waiting for it to clear up. Anxious to see the sun again. Wondering how you’ll manage to live one more day, (well, make it one more hour!) without getting your training ride done…

Kind of like a lion jammed in a tiny cage. Going nuts. Turning in circle. Loosing it! Not only disappointment, but frustration, annoyance and sometimes, even anger. Everything gets on your nerves. You cannot think straight anymore!

Walking around, all grumpy, not focusing, checking the weather report over an over again, just in case it suddenly changes. Asking yourself: “But why today?”

Over the years, riding my bike has become part of my daily routine. Like eating, showering, working and sleeping. I don’t sit down and ask myself: “hmmm, do I feel like riding my bike today?” Of course not! Nearly everyday, 2 hours after breakfast, I just put one of my favourite kit on, fill my water bottles, grab some bar and Gummy bears, my phone, a few dollars, jump on my San Marco saddle and start pedaling.

Phew! Only at that moment, I can breathe again, turn off my brain and let the magic begin.

  • It’s a must.
  • It’s what I need.
  • It’s my way of dealing with my daily worries.


Of course I allow myself to have full recovery days, but I like to plan them ahead. It’s just horrible when the weather dictates when I can or cannot ride.

Rain, rain, go away now, you’re driving me crazy! I promise to do all my house chores after and make the house look Spic and spine!   

                                        (Oops! Rue Coupal on Monday morning)

                                             (Quick trying to destroy this bone. Oh, he succeeded!)

                                 (Me, making new friends yesterday.)

                                     (Pretty country side pic here at La Conception.)

                                          (Berry season is on…and early this year!) 



5 Responses to “Let it rain…later!”

  1. 21 juillet 2010 à 1:42

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I’m glad you were able to get back out there and unleash all that built up energy. Nice photos as well. How has your body been feeling? Still aggravated or is it getting better at all?


  2. 21 juillet 2010 à 1:55

    The photos are beautiful! If that’s what you’re enjoying on your rides….I don’t blame you for wishing the rain away!

  3. 3 Michael Pratchard
    21 juillet 2010 à 2:59

    I can almost taste the berries (I know what I’m having for dessert tonight). Aspen would love to play with Quick. Taking into account the scenic routes available for your bike rides, I can’t blame you one bit for wanting the rain to stop!

  4. 4 RaceG
    22 juillet 2010 à 4:06

    I totally agree 100%!! Rain Rain go AWAY Please!!! LOL I know I sound desperate LOL And btw Quick is a gorgeous lab looking very healthy and sweet. Hope he likes if we ever meet hihi

  5. 27 juillet 2010 à 5:10

    Your rides are what running is to me. I know the feeling exactly! I hope the rain clears up soon so your head can stop spinning (sorry for the pun, couldn’t help it!).

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