Freedom on 2 wheels


It’s 5:40 on a Saturday morning. For no apparent reason, I can’t go back to sleep. Peaking through my bedroom window, I can see that the sky is spotless; not even one cloud. I see an opportunity. I decide to get up. Yes, at 5:42 on a day off, I’m actually excited to get up because I realize that I can go for an early ride. I’m not talking about an organized local club ride. Noooo, just a wonderful solo ride; me, myself and I!

Aaaah, the joy of having the country roads all to myself!

Feeling the cool morning breeze tickling my forearms.

Waving to that old man, sitting in his rocking chair on his front porch, sipping his first coffee. 

Admiring the morning light finding its way through the trees.

Saying hello to random horses, goats and cows being fed, giving me the “who are you and stop staring at me” kind of look!

10 years since I first started my love affair with cycling. And I can assure you that even after a decade, I always get little happy butterflies in my stomach before a ride, especially an early morning one. Pure joy of being able to do what I want, when I want

Oh, I believe there’s actually a word for that brilliant concept: freedom!

                                      (Tremblant resort from La Conception)

                                         (Corn is slowly growing!)

                                             (La ferme de Monsieur Émond)

                                                   (Great news: new Garmin jersey fits with my glasses!!)



8 Responses to “Freedom on 2 wheels”

  1. 1 Michael Pratchard
    17 juillet 2010 à 7:15

    Ah, I can almost feel that breeze. Such a vibrant description. Yes freedom comes in many forms, especially on 2 wheels!

  2. 2 RaceG
    17 juillet 2010 à 11:13

    perfect combination on the glasses and the jersey hehe I’m the type of cyclist who likes to match all the time too hihi You just hit the spot! There’s no better word to describe how I feel when i’m riding my bike than FREEDOM. Love you Bella and thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. Definitely words for my feelings and thoughts 😉

    Love ya’
    RaceG 😉

  3. 3 RaceG
    17 juillet 2010 à 11:17

    Forgot to tell you I love the pictures! Landscapes are super beautiful!!

  4. 17 juillet 2010 à 8:37

    That last shot is the most IMPORTANT ONE!…A perfect match to the story!

  5. 5 Tim
    20 juillet 2010 à 5:40

    hey, you talk to the cows also? I thought I was the only one. 🙂

  6. 21 juillet 2010 à 12:08

    I can totally feel those emotions coming out in me as I read through your post. I completely understand exactly how you’re feeling. You did a fantastic job on bringing those emotions to life here in this post. Beautiful.


  7. 22 juillet 2010 à 11:27

    Those puddles on the road look like that they could swallow a biker. I bought Nemo some fenders last year and have used them a few times. It keeps the mud and stuff off your butt, but some still gets on the bike. It does help keep most of the major parts less wet and gritty. Though Nemo is made of steel, I just wouldn’t want to get Swedie out in really crummy conditions. She is still a baby! A very fast baby, but still a baby. Love summer, even if it is dangerously hot. I really enjoyed riding this morning except the Sun angle can be dangerous if a person is not careful. Drivers can be blinded by the morning sun or the evening sun. Several cyclist have met disaster that way. Got to be careful. Enjoy that pretty Italian!

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