Someone’s watching over me


I don’t know about you, but after watching this morning’s mountain stage (yes, finally, the mountains!), I was flying on my bike! A friendly tailwind, stunning sunshine, heat and a few fluffy clouds. Perfect summer day!

My legs were turning fast. Images of Chavanel kept coming back to me: digging deep into his soul and enjoying what may be the biggest day of his cycling career. Inspiring, to say the least!

I kept increasing my speed. A fast cadence. Big chain ring. And then, a weird sensation, like when you feel someone is watching you or looking over your shoulder. I turned my head for a second. No one. I was still by myself. But somehow, I didn’t feel like I was alone…

A long false flat. I could feel my heart rate slowly rising. First short hill. My legs seemed fresh and strong, thanks to Friday’s full recovery day! As a result, I did not even bother to change to the small chain ring; I just attacked. I was rocking those white bibs!


Suddenly, it hit me: I knew that after watching that mountain stage, thousands of cyclists around the world would head out for a ride. That’s what religiously watching the TdF will do to you, if you’re a roadie.

Although I was riding solo, I knew I wasn’t by myself; you guys were pedaling too. I thought of my dear friend @RaceG206 in Puerto Rico, @pmatalon in Jamaica, all of you in the States (@blueallez, @donaldjones, @13aspen, @dauphin87, @rgrissom, @RickieRainwater), @lovingthebike, (somewhere searching for your perfect tropical island), and  @GTinLA,  still recovering from your latest adventure!

Thousands of kilometres apart but yet, going through similar emotions, battling the same wind, approaching the same kind of climbs.

Thousands of miles away from one another but yet, sharing the same passion.

We may speak different languages at times (Spanish, English, French-Canadian), but thanks to our bikes, we speak exactly the same!

                                       Happy Girl on a bike!

                                       Oh, and GO ARGYLE! (Oops, weird flash on my leg, beurk!)

 Mari-jo (@marijolamarche)


5 Responses to “Someone’s watching over me”

  1. 10 juillet 2010 à 7:42

    Great post and so true Marijo! Here’s what’s freaky. I too NEVER dropped to the small chain ring on my ride. I thought about it specifically. I never do that because I try to keep a high cadence in the small ring but my legs were solid even up the small climbs. So, I just kept mashing the big ring. It was a great ride! We were in some kind of zone weren’t we…

  2. 10 juillet 2010 à 9:59

    Best blog yet! It is great having a friend like you. Hug Quick!

  3. 10 juillet 2010 à 11:00

    OK my friend – thank you for thinking of me – believe it or not, tomorrow morning, I will mount my bike again. It will likely a very short (less than 10 miles) and easy (no more than 130 bpm heart rate by doctores orders) – BUT – I will be back on my bike, and I will be thinking of you.

    Thank you for your friendship!

  4. 11 juillet 2010 à 9:52

    You know it, mjo…..although we’re separated, we ride together. I often see other riders out on the road and for some reason or another they remind me of one of my Twitter friends and I think about how cool it would be to actually be out there with them. We’ll ride together in person one day, but for now we’ll continue riding together in spirit.

    Great post.


  5. 5 RaceG
    11 juillet 2010 à 1:38

    Love it MariJo!! Did some climbing today and legs felt great. In a gruop of 3 men and me I was second making it to the top. Like you, I thought of the guys at LeTour and my GirlPowerCrew! Feel so proud to be a lady cyclist and to have friends like you. 🙂


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