Dusty cobblestones


5 am   A huge headache wakes me up. I get up, swallow an Advil liquid-gel and go back to  bed.

5:05   I know I won’t be able to go back to sleep. Quick, lying next to me, is not only snoozing, he’s snoring! Jealous right there! The hell with it; I get up!

5:15    My Bodum (French Press) is working its magic…

5:20   Got my Twitter page open, saying hello to the world, wishing good luck to a few Pro riders and a speedy recovery to the injured ones. Very difficult year for VdV. Sight.

6:50   My headache is history. Knowing that The TdF starts at 8:30, I decide to put on my Black Star kit and head out for an early morning rides.

Aaaaaah, peaceful country side roads, I love you!




Dust- Crashes- Wheels and bike changes- More dust- More crashes- More wheels and bike changes. What a stressful stage!


– My quick review:

* Cancellara and Jens V. pacemaking out in front: Fabian said he would ride those cobbles and that’s exactly what he did. He’s now back in yellow, in honor of Frank, now out with a broken shoulder. Bummer. (Oh, I’m secretly thinking of buying a Saxo Bank kit…)

* Simon Gerrans face covered in blood (black eye and stiches). Scary!

* Farrar did finish, although he doesn’t know how he made it!

* Armstrong managed, first with the help of Popo and then by himself, to cross the gap in the cobblestones.

* Unlucky day for Chavanel; too many bike changes!

– My PRO OF THE DAY:       Canadian Ryder Hesjedal

Riding the cobbles like there was no tomorrow. Gave it all he had. So bummed that he got caught 6.5 km from the end. My Garmin guys are still in the race…



2 Responses to “Dusty cobblestones”

  1. 1 RaceG
    6 juillet 2010 à 5:51

    Yay! Thanks for the race report Bella! I really appreciate it since I couldn’t watch at work. ugh! that sucks. It made my day more depressing than it was. Love ya’!

  2. 7 juillet 2010 à 9:14

    Up after long nap this evening. I was so tired from my work week. Really excited about getting my bike Friday. Going to order new Speed Play pedals. I just can’t take Nemo’s pedals, she is still my main squeeze. She will be my tougher girl for training and also for harsh conditions. Just drank some coffee, yes it is late, but my body needed something to get to feeling alive. Raining here, but I need to get out on Nemo and ride. I have a used Terry Fly Titanium Leather Saddle I will put on Swedie, but I may have to invest in a new seat too. I also will be needing tires, but the Vitorria Open Paves I like are expensive and often out of stock from my two favorite on line shops. May buy pedals at local bike shop to support the little guys. Have a great morning tomorrow. Give me a shout out.

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