4 words

 Monday July 5th


I’m ready to go: got my white Garmin kit on, shoes, helmet, phone and goodies in back pockets. Water bottles are still in the freezer. Sitting at the end of the couch, I just can’t leave now.  I need to see if Chavanel makes it.


I turn off the TV, grab my water bottles, give Quick a piece of apple and lock the door. Canicule! It’s 30°C and the sun is shining. Yep, after last week’s cold front, a heat wave takes the lead. Wow, it’s hot! Everybody is saying to stay out of the sun. But after watching today’s stage, nothing will stop me from riding my bike.

I usually start slow but right now, I’m just flying. Soooo many overwhelming images are controlling my mind that I kind of skip my warm-up. As I’m pedaling, I see Jens Voight, back in front, pulling like a machine, battling against the rain. I think of Andy Schleck, one second, holding his right arm, in despair, and the next, jumping on his teammate’s bike to eventually rejoin the front pack. I think of Chavanel, the Frenchman who only a few weeks ago broke his collarbone and who just won a TdF stage! I smile when I think of Cancellara(Aaah, Fabian! Sigh), controlling the lead group and I’m wondering for a moment if all my Garmin guys made it in one piece.

As I’m pedaling, the same 4 words keep bursting out of my head:

Determination. Dedication. Commitment. Perseverance.

Gotta love July!

Can’t wait for stage 3: the cobblestones.



3 Responses to “4 words”

  1. 5 juillet 2010 à 2:49

    Seems I am going to ‘borrow’ these 4 words for a while…thanks

  2. 5 juillet 2010 à 2:52

    So True. Sounds like you had a solid adrenalin ride! I was listening over my iPhone in the car on the way back from the mountains today. It was hard for me to stay still in the driver seat. The cobbles will be crazy especially if there’s more rain. I’m sorry to see Tyler Farrar is out with a broken elbow. Tough to go out on the 3rd stage, especially before he had a chance to take on Cavendish!

  3. 3 RaceG
    6 juillet 2010 à 5:47

    Strong 4 words. Will keep’em in mind to never forget!

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