In between the lines

 From the beginning, I viewed this blog as my Portfolio. I still do. A work in progress. Writing about cycling, sharing my love for the sport has given me the opportunity not only to write in English (which is new for me), but also, to define myself as a writer. I don’t want to label myself but I can honestly say that I can’t get enough of writing about cycling.

I always smile when my colleagues or my non-cyclist friends tell me (with a weird look in their face, I should specify): you write about cycling, really? What is there to talk about? Obviously they don’t get it because they can’t relate. Cycling is more than a simple passion. It’s a way of life. Gives me a different outlook; of life itself and of my surroundings.

On my bike, everything is relative:

  • The wind can be a vicious and cruel opponent or a powerful friend.
  • A single kilometre in the mountains can be a life threatening struggle or an epic accomplishment.
  • A false flat can be an easy warm-up or a buried difficulty.
  • Food can become first-class fuel but a lack of food, a nasty bonk.

On my bike, all my senses are magnified:

  • The wonderful smell of freshly cut grass.
  • The magic mist of an early morning ride.  
  • The enjoyment of assorted flower smells.
  • The gentle touch of a cool breeze caressing my cheeks.
  • The comforting feeling of a well-known route.
  • The appreciation of breathtaking scenery.
  • The glow of the sun at a given time.

On my bike, my adult life becomes a blur, and freedom takes over.

On my bike, I can tolerate and overcome my worries and my fears.

On my bike, my doubts slowly fade away.

By now, you and I pretty much know that a bike ride is never just a bike ride, right?



4 Responses to “In between the lines”

  1. 1 Michael Pratchard
    28 juin 2010 à 11:51

    My comment is short and sweet: « The best post ever »!

  2. 28 juin 2010 à 1:26

    It’s likely only something a cyclist can understand. You did, however do an incredible job of describing the feeling and all those non-cyclist friends of yours should now know what it’s all about. They’re probably out buying bikes of their own right now.



  3. 3 RaceG
    28 juin 2010 à 1:44

    You put words in my mouth. Only another cyclist can really understand what exactly we feel when we are riding our bikes, why we wake up so early and put so many hours on it. Love every word! Keep writing Mari~Jo 😉

  4. 4 George Geissler
    2 juillet 2010 à 8:39

    You said it so well. All cyclists will relate to this. Folks that do not ride think of us as obsessed or weird but to experience the world from the seat of a bike is a unique perspective many miss. Love this post

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