The heat is on!

Aaaaah, summertime!

Bike ride. Flowers. Smell of flowers. Sunshine. Lakes, rivers, creeks. Heat. Dinners on our deck. Fresh fruits. Cold Pelligrino. Popsicles (yes, red are my favourites!). Blueberries, raspberries. Ice cream. Reading outside in the shade. Mellow mornings in Magog.

Summertime is simply the best! Did I say bike ride? Sure did, #1! In a previous post, I told you about one of my coolest one; Lac Desmarais. But there are soooo many great rides around here! Just to name a few:

Going up l’Équinoxe, you can enjoy stunning views of Lac Tremblant.

The marina. From Tremblant resort towards the old village of Tremblant.

La rivière Rouge.

Le Versant Soleil. When you’re up at Le Casino, you’re only half way there! Keep your right and keep going up until you see that house (ski-in, ski-out):

Up la Sauvagine (from the 327, you take a left on ch. Paquette.)

Pony tail in the wind at Lac Maskinongé!

La rivière Rouge again, but this time near La Conception.

Fun way to finish a ride: smooth but fast downhill on rue Émond, 1 minute from my house!

Gotta love the sense of arrival when I get home. Unpaved? Yes, pretty funny for 2 road cyclists, wouldn’t you say?!

Come ride with me!


2 Responses to “The heat is on!”

  1. 18 juin 2010 à 4:51

    Very beautiful photos, Mjo. Thanks for sharing them. I really need to get over there and ride…..I’m working on it.


  2. 2 Carol
    20 juin 2010 à 1:32

    I am definitely coming to visit you one of these days (in spring or summer, NOT winter!). It’s so beautiful up there!! Thanks for posting all those photos.🙂

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