27, Lac Desmarais.

Yesterday morning was pouring rain. In French-Can we say: il tombe des clous (nails). The French say: il tombe des cordes (ropes).

Nails, ropes, go figure!

Anyway, I had to postpone my ride. No big deal since my Tuesday is like your Saturday. What? A day off again? Yep.

At 3:30, as I looked outside, the sun was shining and the clouds had vanished.

Garmin kit, socks, shoes (first the left, then the right. Don’t ask, it’s just part of my routine! Same for the socks!), water bottles, gummie bears, helmet, glasses, phone.

All set. By 4, I was on Izzy. It was windy and the roads were very busy. 4 to 6 is rush hour here. Never a good idea to ride on my favourite country roads since everyone is heading home, driving their car (or truck, or pick-up) like there’s no tomorrow.

I figured I’d be better off in a quiet area; Lac Desmarais it is! It’s my hidden paradise; a few minutes from the old Tremblant village and Lac Mercier.

Four climbs, nice and safe downhills, great view, no houses. Well, there are houses, you just can’t see them. It’s a very private spot. Michael Douglas, yes, the famous actor, owns a propriety you know…)

Anyhow, sharing the roads with only a few very busy squirrels, a groundhog, butterflies  and maybe bears. Hmmmm, I prefer not to know about those, if you know what I mean!

Since I was alone, I went easy. Didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. That’s the joy of riding solo.

Lucky me, with my 27 cassette, I can climb without hurting my SI joint or my back. By without hurting, I mean not getting the situation worse. You see, riding pain-free is not something I experience. Aches and pains are part of the deal! My teammates I could say!

To my surprise, I sticked to my plan; no pushing, just go up and enjoy that undemanding 27. So I did!

Today was warm, sunny but sooooo windy. My legs were heavy and I couldn’t turn them as smoothly as usual. My back was sore after 15 minutes. I did not panic, just had to change my itinerary and cut short. Again, I wasn’t disappointed. Not at all. Just happy to get another ride in, and a few more climbs under my belt!

My writing and reading afternoon plans also went out the window; I decided that it was time to add some colour to our deck. Not by painting but by buying some flowers for my empty and rather sad pots.

Green, pink, purple, et le tour est joué! The front door and the back terrace finally came back to life!



5 Responses to “27, Lac Desmarais.”

  1. 3 juin 2010 à 8:15

    Sounds like an awesome day! Great pics from your ride. What a nice escape from busy roads. And the flowers… perfect. I could even see Quick was enjoying them as well!

  2. 2 Rickie Rainwater
    3 juin 2010 à 8:30

    There is something special about just riding. It sometimes feels like there is always the mind set of having to go fast, as if every ride is a race or time trial. My last two longer outings of 52 and 43 miles were just for the sake of riding and listening to my body. Being a bit older now, it takes my body a longer time to warm up. I know I have let my ego get the best of me when my knees or lower back starts to hurt. It is the freedom of the ride that I enjoy the most.

  3. 3 juin 2010 à 4:17

    Wow, gardening, writing, reading, riding and sunning all in one day…I am so jealous!!! – nice going M-Jo

  4. 4 juin 2010 à 12:36

    Mari-jo: what a beautiful perfect day! Glad you did not see any bears. Where I ride, we see alligators. I prefer those to bears, I think.

  5. 5 Tyrider
    4 juin 2010 à 2:43

    On résume… A day in Paradise!

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