First illy, then Izzy!

35°C for the last 3 days; du jamais vu!

This week’s simple equation: sunshine + heat = Bike ride

Yesterday was the best! First, we had to get Pat’s Easton EA 90 SLX and my new cassette on Izzy. We headed to Cybercycle, in the old Tremblant village. Ben and Phil were in great spirits and so was Yoda, Ben’s border Collie. Such a cutie pie!

It was about 10:00 so just in time for an Americano  at the coffee shop  La Sandwicherie, located right inside the bike shop. How convenient, wouldn’t you say? Mathieu sure makes the best coffee in town. And you know me; I couldn’t resist his yummy  banana bread with nuts, which was calling my name…              

On our way back, we stopped at the grocery store to get food for lunch and dinner. You have to be organized when you’re a cyclist, otherwise you starve! Ciabatta bread, ham and cheese for lunch, fish, asparagus and mixed salad for dinner.

Back at the house, Pat worked until 3:30. It was then time to put on our cycling gear. Can’t believe how easy it is to get ready when it’s hot outside: no need for arm or knee warmers, whether or not to bring a vest or a jacket… Nope. Simple. You just put on your special edition team bibs, a jersey, fill up your back pockets, get your water bottles out of the freezer  and out the door you go.

We did one of my favourite loops, which includes Lac Desmarais, an absolute must do if you ever come to Tremblant. No cars, new pavement, up and down.

Hill #1: Pat was powerful, sitting the entire time but yet flying up like if he had just pushed the eject button on his Cento Uno. Aaaah, those Italians! I decided to start slow, easy pedaling, enjoying my 27 cassette, not wasting any more energy that I had to. Yes, in other words, knowing what was coming, I was saving myself. No shame on admitting it!

Hill#2: Time to go to work. A was a girl with a specific plan in mind: to take his wheel and not get dropped. It may sounds easy but if you ever climbed with Pat, you know you’ll have to dig deep to stick your plan! Anyway, that’s what I did. Sitting as long as possible and out of the saddle as soon has I felt his subtle acceleration. I attacked and was immediately neutralized by his counter attack. Ouch!

Hill #3: Since it was so close to the previous one, we just went up slowly, pedaling smoothly next to each other, laughing, enjoying our quality time together. I was mostly recovering, drinking a few sips of H2O, cherishing the last piece of red liquorice I had just found in my pocket.

And out of the blue, Pat said the nicest thing to me:” Mari-jo, you’re stronger than you think”.

I can’t remember the rest of the ride. A blur. Overwhelmed by his statement. Smiling. Pedaling, knowing I was just where I belong. 

Have a good evening everyone,



7 Responses to “First illy, then Izzy!”

  1. 26 mai 2010 à 7:56

    Good times for sure Mari-jo! So glad to hear you’re are settling in well with Izzy and now a new cassette. That 27 will be your friend on long tough climbs. The best part like you say, sharing it all with Pat. What a great connection for you two!

  2. 26 mai 2010 à 7:58

    Damn..that’s hard to beat – Illy and Izzy and then sweet nothings from Pat…WOW …what a day

  3. 26 mai 2010 à 9:55

    Enjoy the heat…..sounds like it’s a bonus to a great day already. Love it.


  4. 4 Rickie Rainwater
    27 mai 2010 à 12:56

    Another great adventure. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are really improving! What a great compliment from an experienced and accomplished cyclist. It must be the Italian seeping into your legs!

  5. 5 RaceG
    27 mai 2010 à 9:21

    Bella, dont ever doubt your strength! You are a very strong woman in all sense of the word. I can sense it even though we havent met personally. That’s why you are one of my heroes! 😉 Go Mari-Jo!! xoxo’s

  6. 6 Michael Pratchard
    27 mai 2010 à 3:39

    When I finish reading your posts, the only thing that I want to do is go for a ride. That way I can experience the kind of elation that you are able to express for cycling in your words. A true gem! I marvel at the simplicity and elegance of your writing! Keep them posts coming girl!

  7. 7 bradley davis
    10 juin 2010 à 5:52

    enjoying our quality time together, on bikes.~good post.

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