Warm at heart!

Crazy spring in Québec this year! Wish I would have stayed in VA! Oh well, summer will come…

By 11:00 on Monday, although the sun was shining, it was just about 7°C (low forties).  Time for me to jump in a very hot shower to warm up my muscles, before putting on my winter gear and facing the cold. Oh yeah, thermal jacket, ski socks, booties. Even gloves! (I never wear gloves when I ride unless it’s very cold. I know, not very smart for a massage therapist but I just cannot stand gloves on my handlebars!)

I took one of my favourite routes; rang 8. Smooth pavement, no cars, up and down. A quiet Monday, just the way I like it. Sharing the road with a few busy squirrels. When I turned left on Fleurant and started going up, I noticed the snow covering the grass.  What? Snow on May 10th? Insane! Débile!

 (First snow for my new Wilier!)

I ended loving my ride, convinced that I was the only cyclist out there facing the elements!

 Tuesday, 5:30 am. Early, way too early to get up, especially on a day off! But I was sooo excited to ride my bike that I never went back to sleep. Unfortunately, it was even colder than the day before. Looking out the window, I could see frost on the ground. Oops, that wasn’t part of the plan!

So I had breakfast and coffee, spend some time onTwitter with the #coffeemates, had some more coffee and by 10:00, decided to get dressed and head out. Couldn’t wait any longer since I had an appointment in Ste-Agathe right after lunch. Again, short but great ride, just glad I was able to turn the legs for an hour. Riding my bike just warms up my heart!

(Lac Ouimet was gorgeous!)

By now, you must be thinking: what is Quick doing while she rides her bike?

Nap after nap, that black doggy sure can sleep!

Bye guys, enjoy your day!



4 Responses to “Warm at heart!”

  1. 12 mai 2010 à 11:40

    Great rides. It’s awesome to see your enthusiasm to get out there and ride.

    Dogs and cats have got it made. Sleep, eat, sleep, play, sleep, eat, sleep. What a day.

  2. 2 John
    12 mai 2010 à 11:49

    Wish I could meet your dog…I admire those who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat!

  3. 3 Rickie Rainwater
    12 mai 2010 à 2:55

    The warmth and humidity is just starting here. Saturday’s race was windy and a bit chilly in the TT and about perfect except for the wind for the road race. It is funny how at some point things start to show improvement on the bike, and in the attitude and enthusiasm. After the road race I was questioning if I should give up on the new bike. My friend Lea Anne knowing I was tired from an intense challenge warmly suggested I put off making any fast decisions at that moment. Now I can’t wait to get Swedie built. I know what I need to work on, but I feel I have made great progress, and in a way, we have both, you and me, made our biking journeys together, but from 1000s of miles away. Now I am going to take quick’s guide, and take a doggy nap!

  4. 12 mai 2010 à 7:34

    Smart Quick! Warm, comfy… sleep. Not as much sleep for you… but your legs are 1 hour stronger. 🙂

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