Izoard: the new race car!

It’s been a week since Pat and I came back from our cycling camp in Virginia. Although the temperature here has been horrible for the past few days, we’re both in good spirits. Pat has been crazy busy with his next projects and we’ve been riding our bikes together nearly every afternoon.

I strongly believe that the second week of camp gave me back some inner strength and confidence I was lacking for the last 3 years, thanks to all my injuries( and many, many set backs!) Being able to help out on the bike, pulling clients for miles and miles and even enjoying a heavy headwind while doing it! Teaching them how to climb, how to get a fluid pedal stroke, how to ride well in a peloton… I was a happy girl again!

 Also, the transition to my new Wilier has been awesome. I feel very comfortable but yet very powerful with my new fit. I like to compare my Izzy to a luxury 4WD race car!

I leave you with a few pics of Pat and I, riding our bikes on our roads, around Mont-Tremblant. Have a great Sunday everyone!

(Got a thing for white this season!)

(Beautiful country side in Brébeuf)

(In Ste-Adèle, they call a double shot of espresso with a touch of foam « Une noisette »)

(New ProLight)

(Hail on Thursday; dinner outside is out of the question!)

(Showing off the Wilier family!)


7 Responses to “Izoard: the new race car!”

  1. 9 mai 2010 à 8:51

    Hi Mjo, I’m so happy to hear that you feel good, strong, and confident. Great to see it. Here’s to a great season of riding with some absolutely beautiful weather.


  2. 2 Carol
    9 mai 2010 à 5:44

    Glad you’re enjoying the new bike. It’s really sleek looking. I like that post biking snack there, too.

  3. 9 mai 2010 à 5:45

    Outstanding – the Willier family looks really good – are you and Coach Pat going to change your last name to « Willier »?

    Just kidding!!

  4. 4 Rickie Rainwater
    9 mai 2010 à 6:38

    Great photos! The Williers are so beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration and your kindness. Hope to meet you and Pat in person someday.

  5. 5 Racegirl_
    11 mai 2010 à 8:29

    Too many things in common. Have a ‘thing’ for white too! Love it! And that coffee looked so delicious. Glad to heat you really enjoyed yourself at camp. That sure will keep going for the rest of the season my friend. Praying! 😉

  6. 11 mai 2010 à 9:40

    It so great to read of your continued strength and confidence in your abilities! Thanks for sharing the pics. That Izzy… I can’t stop saying how sweet she looks.
    p.s.- Love your back deck. Looks like a great spot to relax and dine. Cheers!

  7. 11 mai 2010 à 11:21

    I’m glad the cycling camp was so helpful to you! That sounds like just what the doctor ordered. And, your rides look fantastic. Sigh… I’m jealous!

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