Sirop d’érable and bikes!

What a week it has been. First, that snow on Monday morning really put everyone in a terrible mood; an awful déjà vu for all of us, living in Quebec. In addition, my legs started hurting like crazy, for no apparent reason. No being able to stand up kind of hurting. Or maybe it was just my excuse to spend some time in our brand new sectional…

Anyway, went for a short ride on Tuesday; under-dressed with 3 layers. That cold wind blasting sand all over my Felt. To non-cyclists, layers are irrelevant. But to cyclists, they are essential. The more you have in your closet, the more kick ass you are. The less you have to wear during your ride, the happier you are… Aaaah the satisfaction of getting closer and closer to summertime riding!

So, on Friday, something magical happened: no long thermal bibs. No Neoprene shoe covers. Nope. The sun not only showed up;  it was waaaaarm. Over 20°C!  World record this time of year. Bibs, jersey, vest and white sleeves only. Couldn’t believe it, had to take off those sleeves after a few minutes. Funny, for some reason, I feel more secure when I’ve got sleeves on. You know, just in case… Anyhow, in the back pocket they went!

Ok now, since it’s Saturday, enough of that writing; let’s see pics!

Yep, still snow on top of Tremblant! But at least, the ice finally melted on Lac Maskinongé.

That’s where real Maple syrup comes from (cabane à sucre). Or Sirop d’érable like we say here. Mmmmm.

Quick is thinking about ordering 4 of those Pearl Izumi paw covers for next winter…

(Yep, saving my white Italian shoes for my new Izoard!)

Ciao guys!



8 Responses to “Sirop d’érable and bikes!”

  1. 3 avril 2010 à 10:42

    I just had my first ride of the season fleece free. I forgot what it felt like to experience the sun. And for once, I was sweating because it was warm, not because I was riding hard. Had a race this morning, it was colder (because it was by the water) and foggy. But dispite the temp, I still only used booties and arm warmers to go along with the jersey and bib shorts. Just couldn’t cover up the legs. Glad to hear you are able to take advantage of the warm weather!!!!

  2. 3 avril 2010 à 12:08

    Glad that spring has come (or started to, anyway!). And for the record, Canadian maple syrup is THE BEST … oh, how I love that stuff! Waffle pic has me drooling on my keyboard. 😉

  3. 3 avril 2010 à 2:18

    Good looking pancakes, love the shot of the maple cabin and I am happy to see you got out. Quick’s paws are likely better insulated than your booties – but you make a perfect couple of pairs together 😉

    Oh, and happy belated Birthday to Super Coach/Chef Pat!!!!!

  4. 4 John Chappell
    3 avril 2010 à 3:50

    You write so well…it almost makes me think I could stand to live in the frozen North….STOP! Nobody writes the well! Just kidding… I loved the pics…especially the waffle…

  5. 5 Rickie Rainwater
    3 avril 2010 à 4:25

    The waffel is making me hungry. Just got back from 43 mile ride. I’m so glad it is spring. You are really going to love the weather when you get that new bike. I know you love that sweet looking Felt with the Easton 90 slx, but there is nothing like Italian, to make a cyclist’ heart flutter. I figured while Quick is contemplating new paw covers, he might as well as order snow shoes as well. Another great read.

  6. 6 Carol
    3 avril 2010 à 8:51

    The maple sugar house and the waffle photos are fantastic!! You have such a good eye for pictures.

  7. 7 Michael Pratchard
    8 avril 2010 à 12:11

    In honor of your waffle picture, my wife made me the kind of pancakes that my Grandma used to. I almost forgot how good they were!

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