Back in 1998

 When I first move to Mont-Tremblant, 12 years ago, I didn’t have a car. I knew I wouldn’t survive long without one so I decided to make the best out of those few months. I also had to find a place to stay. A friend of a friend, Isabelle, was looking for a roommate to split the rent with.

When I went to meet her at her house, it was love at first sight: there he was, Éli, a handsome and strong black Labrador, running towards me (by now, you must know I have a thing for black Labs!). He had won my heart instantly.

Luckily, the house was also extremely charming. A very, very old log house that use to be a school, a hundred years ago.  Obviously, the decision was a no brainer for me!

Anyhow, the house was on Lac Mercier, about 10km from my job at Tremblant resort. Back then, there were no public transportation  in the village. Since walking took way too much time and I could not stand asking friends and colleagues for lifts (I’m still not very good at that, asking!), no car simply meant running to work. Although the scenery was amazing, I soon realized that running 10k carrying a backpack full of clothes and a lunch can be hard on the neck and upper back…

So, remember  that Trek I told you about in an earlier post?                                (  https://marijolamarche.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/cycling-memories/ ) That’s the main reason why I purchased it; to get  from point A to B. What’s funny is that I ended up buying a car not long after but decided not to take it to go to work that summer, from May to September. Just for fun! No matter which hours I was working, day time or evenings, rain or shine, the car did stay in the driveway!

I remember how is easy getting up early was: the aroma of the morning dew, the peace and quite on the road, the different shade of green in the woods, the sound of the river, the mist and at times, the fog when riding next to the lakes.

You know, crossing two lakes and riding alongside a river in the morning on your way to work, can have a pretty uplifting effect on you. To me, it became an addiction. Craving the wind in my face, the view down at Lac Tremblant and the high I was feeling when I got back home to my new best friend, Éli. I then realized how lucky I was to live in such a serene place!

That’s how I fell in love with cycling. It simply became  a lifestyle!

I just went downstairs, looking all over my boxes to find a pic of the old  house and one of my dear friend Éli, who passed away a few years ago.



5 Responses to “Back in 1998”

  1. 1 John
    23 mars 2010 à 5:11

    Once again..you managed to brighten my day with another wonderful blog entry. I was having a really rotten day until I read your post. Thank you so much. Enjoy your evening!

  2. 23 mars 2010 à 9:22

    Thanks for sharing. It’s always cool to hear how someone got started with their love for pedaling. Pets too. 🙂

  3. 3 PeterM
    23 mars 2010 à 9:35

    Great Bedtime Story….Is Quick related?…. have a wonderful night and see you for coffee in the morning…

  4. 4 GT in LA
    24 mars 2010 à 12:33

    What s wonderful bedtime story – thank you for sharing!

  5. 5 Rickie Rainwater
    24 mars 2010 à 10:18

    Sometime, I will share with you how I got started taking cycling seriously. Pretty funny in fact. Lost a lot of skin in those first days of Mountain Biking and suffered greatly trying to Race. Makes me wish I kept up with the bicycle from when I was young. Now it is my life’s blood. I have decided I’m going to race the Joe Martin Stage Race here in Fayetteville. I know it will totally kick my ass as I know the course and it is pure climbing hell. I don’t know if Swedie will be built by then, but Nemo really rocked out today. She is such a fine Italian girl. Thanks again.

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