No such thing as perfect weather!

Friday March 19

When I got up, my neck was stiff. Having given 4 massages the night before, I was expecting that stiffness. Given that all I wanted to do that morning was to go for my second ride of the season, I was a tiny bit disappointed. But I didn’t panic. Nooooo, I did that in the past and usually, it doesn’t help! So I iced it, did some light cleaning around the house, took a walk with Quick and as the morning went by, my neck got better. Youpi, let’s get on with business!

11:00 Still cold outside, but definitely my favourite time to ride.

Decision time:

  • Option 1: have a snack, put on 4 warm layers and go.
  • Option 2: wait 2 hours until it warms up, have a light lunch, put laundry out on the terrace for it to dry (don’t you just love that smell?) and then, head out.

(Major slip-up#1: forgetting to check Accuweather.)

I decided to go with option 2, which is what I never go for. I prefer getting my workout done before lunch. After eating, I usually like to chill. Hate getting in my bibs when I’m all stuffed. In addition, since I eat meat, those proteins take a longer time to digest…

1:30 pm Sun is out, time to go.

(Major slip-up #2: trusting the sun and wearing 3 layers instead of 4.)

Yeah, all good, riding my bike on a nice early spring Friday afternoon! I took the 327 towards Brébeuf because I know it’s always one of the first roads they clean after winter. I decided to make a left on chemin Paquette, since it got brand new pavement last September. What use to feel like misery for my back is now a smooth ride. When you’re a cyclist, you remember those new slick and silky roads! Also, I wanted to see if I could make the loop around the lake (Lac Maskinongé), or if it was still covered with sand.

 You can’t really see it in the picture but this house looks deserted. It’s just not straight anymore. In French we say “maison hantée” (haunted house). But I suspect that someone actually lives there. I’ve seen a car parked in front. An old gray car. Hmm, I should investigate…

Anyhow, as soon as I took the pic, the wind started blowing like crazy, and to my surprise, rain. Cold rain. Brrr. Got my phone in the back pocket, put on the gloves, jumped onto my San Marco and headed back on the 327. Suddenly, I was in a hurry to make it back home. Oh my, as I passed the lake covered with ice, did I miss my rain jacket! Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Gray sky, angry sky. Wind, bitter wind. Rain, arctic rain.

All I could think about was my laundry that I carefully spreaded outside, thanks to that peaceful sun earlier. Talk about a change of weather! In within a 1 minute, it just wasn’t the same day.

Got home, unlocked the door, left the muddy Felt on the balcony, got in, took off my shoe covers, shoes (not a good idea to sprint with cleats on slippery floor), and ran through the living room to the back terrace to save my clothes. Or I should say my wet clothes. Grabbed it all and as I pushed the “on” button of the dryer, I noticed a glow. Went back outside. Could not believe my eyes: there he was, Mr. Sunshine was back!

Lessons learned:

  1. Never wait for perfect weather.
  2. Always check out Accuweather, just in case…
  3. Early spring, bring that rain jacket.

Someone was very happy to see me back so soon!


5 Responses to “No such thing as perfect weather!”

  1. 1 John Chappell
    20 mars 2010 à 10:56

    Vos aventures apportent toujours un sourire à mon visage.

  2. 2 Michael Pratchard
    21 mars 2010 à 9:04

    Mother Nature takes no prisoners, even cyclists. Oh well, any ride is good ride (that is if you’re the one not getting rained on!). When I decide to write my memoirs, I’m definitely hiring you to be the author. Quick looks like a happy doggie!

  3. 21 mars 2010 à 1:34

    Look at the bright side, you did get on the bike and you made Quick very happy by coming home so soon!!

    Four layers, eh? I don’t think I ever had to ride wearing that many layers.

  4. 4 Rickie Rainwater
    21 mars 2010 à 4:15

    Beautiful photos. Looks like someone borrowed someone’s wheels. Tee Hee! I have been getting into the habit of wearing my Hincapie light marino wool undergarment over a light cotton T shirt with my Jersey on top. I also have gotten into the habit of stuffing my wind jacket into my back pocket. The wind is so strong and it helps if I get a little chilled or if it starts raining. I try to stay out of the wet weather, as it isn’t good for me, and definitely not good for Nemo being a steel frame and all. Great read. Hug Quick for me.

  5. 22 mars 2010 à 7:48

    Thanks for sharing another ride experience with us, Mari-Jo. The fun things we have to go through in order to ride in Canada, huh? Good job on getting out there and sorry the weather didn’t co-operate better for you. Hope you get out again soon.

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