Saved by a magazine!

Are you like me: completely stressed out while in the waiting room, at the dentist’s office?

Tuesday, 10:00 am, Dr. Leblanc’s office, Mont-Tremblant, Canada.

“Please, have a seat Mari-jo ; Dr. Leblanc is running a few minutes late.”

Remember how nerve wracking that wait can be?  Just the thought of having to sit in that chair, trying to keep my mouth open gives me sweaty palms.

The noises, the smell, the music. Beurk! Hate it all! Bad memories. Scary. Definitely out of my comfort zone.

So, without any hesitation, I headed to the left side of the waiting room to grab a magazine. To my biggest surprise, there were at least 10 different editions of Bicycling Magazine!

I picked one that I knew I had at home: July 2008.  Somehow, just holding the magazine gave me some strength. Like seeing a friend when alone and lost in a crowd. I could feel my heartbeat going nuts already. But, as I turned the pages, it quickly slowed down. Even found myself smiling at Team Slipstream Chipotle’s  add: French cuisine is fine but we prefer burritos.

I tried to picture myself before a competition, focusing on key words, not letting stress get to me. Words I could relate to, that would reassure me:

Argyle- SpeedPlay- refuel- Wilier- Izoard-  climb- ritual- adversity.

Then, I closed the magazine and tried to repeat those 8 words. Focusing only on that task. No scary drill sounds. No weird smells. Away from it all, in a confort zone again. Familiar words. Friendly words. My own cycling world where I feel strong and confident.

“Mari-jo? I’m ready for you!”

Oh, back to reality! I got up, smiled at  her and took the magazine with me…



6 Responses to “Saved by a magazine!”

  1. 4 mars 2010 à 11:57

    I’ll give this a try next time I am at the dentist – meditation, good for the head and good for the soul. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 4 mars 2010 à 12:02

    So strange…I was just asking one of my customers (a dental assistant) to give me the name of a good dentist! I hope I find one with good magazines like that!

  3. 5 Rickie Rainwater
    4 mars 2010 à 1:16

    Another wonderful read. I too have been experiencing big stress and something is going to have to change. Hopefully I can fix my problem with an attitude adjustment, or I may have to change jobs. I went to see my doctor friend and it was good just to talk in addition to some medical attention. It is almost spring and I don’t want to miss the warm air and clear skies because I have run myself down from un healthy levels of stress. Thank God for my bike Nemo, and good friends whom are there for you when you really need them.

  4. 4 mars 2010 à 10:15

    Great tactic! I guess since you wrote this post you survived the dreaded appointment. Fun stuff! You made the feeling, smell and sounds of the dentist office come back for us. It was all too real! Now, I must go find a happy place. 🙂

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