Carpe Diem

I took Latin for 3 years in high school but never really understood what those 2 words put next to each other meant. Hey, I was 15 years old at the time; how was I supposed to get those things? Had to live a little…

So, back to our Carpe diem, seize the day, saisir le jour, aprovecha el dia  notion. No matter which language(s?) you speak, the concept stays the same; get out there now ‘cause you never know what’s next!

On Wednesday, after 5 days off the snowshoes, thanks to a bone spur party in my neck, I was ready to get back at it. Couldn’t wait for a total pain free day anymore. My body, my mind, my soul needed to get out there. I was going insane. Craving to feel the cold wind blowing in my face.

Any cyclist can relate. I’m sure you told yourself a few times: “As long as I can get that ride in, I’ll be happy, ready to deal with the rest of my day!” Anything can get in the way of our training, not just injuries.

At that point I figured: « Hey, I’m gonna hurt anyway if I rest, so why not raise that heart beat a notch and get a healthy happy endorphin buzz! » That’s my way of thinking. Works for me. Everytime. Had to be smart though, focusing only on what I could do at the moment, not thinking of where I was suppose to be this time of year. You know, the pressure of being ready to start a new season, keeping up with the others, climbing those few first hills without suffering too much…

My comeback:  

  1. Wednesday: flat (warm-up) + hill repeats: 2X5 min. + 1X10 min= 30 min.
  2. Thursday: flat (warm-up) + hill repeats: 2X2 min + 3X5 min. + 1X10 min=  35 min.
  3. Friday: flat (warm-up) + hill repeats: 3X5 min. + 2X2 min. + 1X10 min=  40 min.

Short and sweet. Intense.  Out of breath again. But yet, very much alive!

 Saturday morning, I felt fine and decided to spice it up. Needed to check out my lower back, gluteus and sacro-iliac condition. That’s in fact what gets in the way of my cycling. More than my neck issue actually, ah! Anyway, that’s a total different subject so, back to today’s snowshoe: 

       4.   Saturday: flat (warm-up) + hill repeats: 4X2min + opening     tracks, nice uphill for 15 min, down hill descent, flat= 55 min.

First tracks are very interesting because it becomes a strength workout.  You could compare it to pushing bigger gears on your bike. The fresh snow= resistance. Add some of that winter wind and that incline for 15 min, and you get yourself a decent cardio workout also!

 When you are stuck with such a short window of opportunity, you enjoy every minute of it! As much as my (many) set backs make me struggle, they definitely make me stronger. A 30 minute bike or snowshoe ride would have been such a failure before. Getting all dressed for less than an hour ride was unthinkable. Now it’s a treat! That, and a piece of yummy Saturday night chocolate cake…

You can see Mont-Tremblant from the mountain bike trails.

Did not see many golf carts tho!

Bonne soirée,



3 Responses to “Carpe Diem”

  1. 1 Rickie Rainwater
    20 février 2010 à 7:28

    Regards less of my performance, which is usually not spectacular by anyone’s imagination, I always feel like I am doing something with my life when after I ride my bike. I also learned that cycling is very specific and being outside in the wind and other conditions can’t be replicated. My ride yesterday was fast at first with the aid of a very strong 20 to 25 mile south wind, but then I had one shallow long climb into the wind, and then into the wind with a steep long climb. The road leading back home was torn up from construction and directly into a strong wind. It was my little piece of Paris Roubaix in my mind. The traffic was horrible, and my breathing was labored from sinus trouble. My face was actually burned by the wind. Isn’t suffering out side glorius! Today, I had to listen to my body as I felt a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders, and had flu like symptoms, so I paid attention and did things I needed to do around my little home. Life is wonderful regardless. Good read! Carpe diem

  2. 20 février 2010 à 7:40

    Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air to me. It gives me hope and optimism. Glad you had a great day!

  3. 21 février 2010 à 3:41

    How refreshing! Your heart is happy and therefore your mind is settled. It’s all part of the healing process. Relish those half hours… they’re good for you in many ways! 🙂

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