Mamma Mia!

From Felt to Wilier. American-German to Italian.

Kind of like switching families. As much as I enjoyed my ride with my Felt, I’m ready to try something new. Makes me nervous though. Big time nerve wracking!  Like the beginning of any new relationship, I’m questioning my move:

 Will I be fond of it? I mean fall head over hills in love with it? Will it fit my kind of riding? How aggressive will it be? Comfortable? Will I be good enough for it? Do I deserve it? How long will our passion last? Can I afford it? And finally, will my back hurt as much while riding?

Even if I know it’s for the best, I still feel insecurities taking over the excitement.

I’ve always been that way. For me, it’s actually a positive state of mind! I like to process information in a very structural way:

  • 1- I’m always sceptical at first (Didn’t say pessimist). Unless you win my heart, I’m a no!
  • 2- Give me the facts, I need to gather the information and analyse the pros and cons. And don’t rush me…
  • 3- After, I let my feelings come into play. By then, I know what’s right for me.
  • 4- At last, decision time: once I made up my mind and there is no way back. No doubt. No regrets.

So now, I still have one day to analyse the Izoard (not the Mortirolo anymore). The order will take place on Thursday. Until then, I’ll be juggling through the 4 steps.

Good news, I’m already done with the first three so it’s all up to my guts…

Good vibes, Izzy belongs to me! Yep, already got a nickname!

PS1: If you want to check it out: http://www.wilier.it/main.htm 

PS2: Thanks to @coachpatwells for making this huge upgrade possible and giving me all the info I need, merci!




5 Responses to “Mamma Mia!”

  1. 3 février 2010 à 5:09

    I love the name Izzy..good choice. Wilier is still making Mortirolo..only not importing them to the USA in 2010…I found a good buy on a 2009 in my size…contemplating the purchase. Let us know how you like your new ride! Can’t wait to get updates when it all comes together for you…it’s a great looking bike!

  2. 2 Rickie Rainwater
    3 février 2010 à 6:44

    All true lovers of their bikes, name their bikes. The Izoard is one extremely nice bicycle. Getting fitted is probably the first and most important step. You mentioned back pain. I’m sure Andy Pruit would agree with me on bike fit. I reccomend his book, « Andy Pruit’s medical guide for cyclist. » Enjoy Izzy.

  3. 3 février 2010 à 10:38

    Yes, I too dig the name. You and « Izzy » have a beautiful relationship ahead on the roads. Funny… I still don’t have a name for my road bike. Did you happen to see my blog post on that?
    My final thought: It’s a SWEET bike… a great tribute to the late owner of Wilier bikes…Lino Gastaldello.

  4. 4 février 2010 à 1:36

    Belle bestiole. Ironiquement, tu restes dans les mêmes couleurs. Y aura au moins ça de moins dépaysant…

  5. 4 février 2010 à 7:39

    Mon chat Izzy est d’accord! Qu’il est beau! c’est un nom parfait pour un vélo. Le mien est « Rosie » (elle est rose).

    Je n’ai jamais grimpé Le col d’Izoard, mais je crois que cet été je vais essayer de le faire (je serai pas loin, a Bourg d’Oisans). Je dois le faire pour honorer mon petit Izzy! (J’ai déja fait Galibier, pour l’autre chat).

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