Indoor trainer? Naaaa!

When I woke up, I knew that at some point today, I was going to meet the devil. Bad day? Important meetings? Hmm. Think again.  Blue sky, fresh snow. Stunning morning! After last week’s  set backs, I wasn’t going to miss another striking day stuck inside.

In need of a fine workout. Always good for the soul!

Got dressed, filled my water bottle, prepared my Atomic backpack, took my snowshoes and jumped in the car with my beloved dog in the back seat. 4 minutes later, I made a right into a private parking lot, Le Diable (gotcha!), an impressive golf course here in Tremblant, surrounded by challenging mountain bike trails that transform into outstanding snowshoe trails. All mine!

So, meet my playground. Oups, Quick is staring at me; our playground!


Don’t be jealous my Twitter friends. I’m just making the most out of that winter. Long winter should you read. December until late March. Don’t let me fool you: I’d rather have my feet in the sand, complaining about my sunburn or taking pics of my bike, with the ocean in the background. Again, just dealing with what I have: snow, cold temperature and sometimes, a bit of sunshine.

So today, I got a magical dose of vitamine D.

My indoor trainer sure is a lonely guy!

Thanks  Mr. Sunshine for showing up,

(View of Lac Ouimet and Gray Rocks)

See you soon,



4 Responses to “Indoor trainer? Naaaa!”

  1. 1 John Chappell
    27 janvier 2010 à 5:39

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. 27 janvier 2010 à 5:55

    Beautiful – I am, like you, a lover of the sun, beach and year round mild climate. However, having grown up in the Alps, the beauty and serenity of a perfect winter day never fails to stir fond memories.
    Toute à l’heure,

  3. 3 Rickie Rainwater
    28 janvier 2010 à 4:54

    Your definitely an inspiration, you and your dog. When I am working, I like to pretend it is a sort of cross training. Considering I walk for most of the 12 hours I work on a hard concrete floor, lifting, moving. I don’t hydrate well at work, but treating it as a form of training mentally makes it less monotonous and grueling. I definitely need the weather to be nice again as the gym just doesn’t seem to do it for me, and I have no rythym swimming. But hopefully, I can keep focused on the cycling goal. I don’t feel too bad in shape being 52 considering the damage I did to myself at a younger age. So any activity is a plus.

  4. 30 janvier 2010 à 10:36

    I believe many of us cyclists would trade a day or few on the indoor trainer for all of that.
    Great spot and great pictures. Quick looks like an awesome pup!

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