Part 5 and 6 of « why I love cycling »

Two weeks ago, I started a list. The concept was pretty basic:

10 reasons why I love cycling.

I soon realized that it was insane to write down only 10! Ideas, images came bursting out of my mind! I guess that’s what happens when you’re passionate about something…

My” list even became “our” list (see Part 2:  https://marijolamarche.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/i-love-cycling/ ).

A Twitter friend of mine, John Chappell ( @dauphin87 ), felt somehow so inspired by the concept that he decided to make up his own Top 10 , which I’m sharing here with you. Thanks again John for your contribution!

 So, on this marvellous rainy Monday morning, here we go:


  41.  Feeling the wind in my face.

 42.  Hearing the sounds of nature that a car shuts out.

 43.  It has helped me make friends outside of work!

 44.  It keeps me in better shape than most people half my age!

 45.  To see the looks of astonishment I get when I tell people I just                    rode 100 miles.

 46.  I makes me feel young!

 47.  It’s an excuse to wear bright colors!

 48.  It gives me self confidence.

 49.  I like gadgets! (gears, components…)

 50. It keeps my senses sharp.

 PART 6  (mine!)

 51. Being able to appreciate things that regular people take for granted such as: water,  paved roads, fresh air.

52. Passing into an old covered bridge.

53. After a long time off the bike due to an injury, enjoying a short 30 minute ride!

54. Calling sick at work and going for a ride, trying not to be seen by colleagues!

55. Getting reunited with my beloved bike after what feels like a never ending off-season.

56. New Easton wheels on the bed!

57. Spending quality time by myself.

58. Spending quality time with Pat (!!).

59. The smell of freshly cut grass.

60. Squeezing a ride in before having to sit in a car for a few boring hours.

Have a good Monday everyone!



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