I love cycling!

PART 2 : Thursday January 7th

Thanks to my Twitter friends for sharing!

11. “Because riding bikes is BALLER!”(@rickcrawfish)

12. “I get to wear outfits that would not otherwise work(@RideLikeaGirl1)

13. “I wonder how long without cycling it would take for my legs to return to 1 color instead of neopolitan.”(@ericmbudd)

14. “the thing I like most about cycling is exploring country roads, and enjoying the peace and quiet.” (@ChrisProuse)

15.” Marijo, One of my favourite things about cycling is the freedom I feel when riding. It’s that same feeling I had as a young child, riding my bike through town by myself. Even on a hard training ride with all its structure of pace or intervals or whatever the day’s plan, I still feel that freedom. My heart is uncaged when I’m on my bike.(Gina Poertner)

16.”When you keep climbing a long hill and every mile gets tougher; you finally reach the top wishing it’d be longer! (@coachpatwells)

17. Guys with shaved legs!

18. New pink guignoline(tape).

19. New paved road.

20. Getting home when it starts pouring rain.

PART 3: Friday January 8th

21. Waving to another cyclist who actually waves back!

22. Sharing my favourite ride with a friend.

23. Calfs, harmstrings, quads!

24. New lenses-with no scratches!

25. Cycling vacation: eat-bike-sleep. Repeat.

26. Getting into a hot bath after a ride in cold rain.

27. Running out of fluids and finding $ in my jacket that I didn’t know I had!

28. Pulling down my arm warmers  because the sun is finally getting out.

29. Noticing a new horse out in the field.

30. Being cut off by a fox, graciously crossing the street.

PART 4: Saturday January 9th

31. Coffee rides

(Au Grain de Café, in Tremblant)

32. Pulling a friend who can’t keep up.

33. Being pulled by a friend(Pat, most of the time) when I can’t keep up!

34. Talking time to enjoy the view.

(View of Lac Tremblant from l’Équinox)

35. Feeling of achievement after high-quality interval work.

36. Having a non-cyclist friend tell me that he just bought a bike.

37. Having a following car.

38. First ride of the season after 4 long months of winter.

39. Hands down in drops, flying down, feeling 13 again!

40. Having my daily worries disappear.


3 Responses to “I love cycling!”

  1. 15 janvier 2010 à 12:51

    I loved reading « 10 things I love about cycling »

  2. 17 janvier 2010 à 10:45

    I liked this blog entry. I think you need therapy to talk through all that goes through your head! 🙂

    Happy cycling! -sg

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