10 things I love about cycling

Wednesday, January 6th. 8h53 am

 As I’m spreading (a lot of) Nutella on my 3rd toast, an idea comes to my sleepy head: 10 things I love most about cycling.

*Simple concept: I’m sure it has been done before. But just not by me!

*The challenge: stick with only 10 reasons.

You see, simple doesn’t mean effortless since there are probably about a hundred good reasons why I enjoy spending time on my wheels and italian pink saddle.

*My way out: create a sequence. This way, with choosing 10 at a time, I’ll be able to go up to 100. Ouff, won’t have the feeling of leaving out stuff!

*Join in! Hey, what about you? Why do you love the sport so much? Help me make up my list. Tell me via Twitter or post it on my blog!

 Part 1

  1. Team bibs : when they fit perfectly, I feel like a pro.  Also, I get very excited over new bibs! I’m now waiting for new Garmin ones (white) that Pat bought me for Chrismas.
  2. Food I can indulge after a long and intense ride. And once a week, a piece of chocolate cake…
  3. Sprinting a road sign: hiding behind Pat, pretending not having seen the sign, choosing the right time and then, going all out for a few seconds to win it. Against Pat, gotta go at the last minute otherwise he kills me!
  4. New socks. XS are perfect fit for me.
  5. Buying a cycling magazine and heading out to a café in the middle of the afternoon to read it. Even love the smell as I turn the pages…
  6. Cold wind blowing gently in my face.
  7. Cyclist’s tan : being laughed at when wearing  my bikini. I don’t really care the  silly look; it’s all worth it!
  8. After more than 10 years, getting excited and sometimes even nervous before a ride.
  9. Rich, poor, doesn’t matter; money doesn’t make you a good cyclist. Dedication does.
  10. Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, Cliff Shots Bloks. Red all the way!

… To be continued.



3 Responses to “10 things I love about cycling”

  1. 6 janvier 2010 à 6:20

    Marijo, One of my favorite things about cycling is the freedom I feel when riding. It’s that same feeling I had as a young child, riding my bike through town by myself. Even on a hard training ride with all its structure of pace or intervals or whatever the day’s plan, I still feel that freedom. My heart is uncaged when I’m on my bike. Gina

  2. 7 janvier 2010 à 11:25

    Cool blog!… the thing I like most about cycling is exploring country roads, and enjoying the peace and quiet 🙂

  3. 17 janvier 2010 à 10:46

    I want to see you cycle hard in these Colorado Rocky Mountains. These mountains will WHOOP YOU! 😀


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