Tour de Georgia 2008

I guess The « Bring back  the Tour de Georgia » for 2010 did not work.

Being from Quebec Canada, I don’t get the chance to see many pro races live. But, in April 2008, Pat and I were in Asheville  NC. At that time, the Tour de Georgia was still alive. Being less than 2 hours away from stage 6 finish, we decide to go.

We  didn’t want to just show up, we wanted to be prepared, let people know who our favourites were: Go Argyle! Play dress up? Nooo. As adults, it’s kind of  cheesy. But with a dog, hmmm, good idea!  So the night before, I carefully fixed Quick, our beloved black Lab, a homemade Slipstream-Chipotle bandana (They were not Garmin at the time).  

After all, why not have fun with it, we were on vacation for a month! Lots of time on our hands.

Next morning, road trip to the race, Brasstown Bald stage. Before we parked the car at the bottom of the ferocious well known climb, we had one very important stop to make: what would race watching be without a decent amount of caffeine in the system?

2 large Americano to go, thank you very much!

We got there early and parked the car, as planned. We decided to bring the umbrella to make sure that the sun would show up. You know, « Murphy’s law »!

    Our way up was hilarious. Nobody noticed us but Quick made everybody smile! People were taking pictures of the Slipstream dog! Even Tom Danielson’s wife, Stephanie, took a pic of him for their website!

Suddenly, we heard the moto just ahead of the leaders. Time for me to take good pics. Oups, too excited! Of course I missed Levi, Chistian VDV and George Hincapie, but I got a few nice ones: Chris Horner, David Zabriskie (with his mustache), Tom Danielson and Tyler Hamilton, among others.

Brasstown Bald is not long, only 3.7 miles, gaining 1890 feet, from the bottom of the climb to the summit. But it’s a killer.  All the way up, a few steep pitches that goes up to 25%! The entire ascent average is 12%.

Definitely an ideal climb to see pro cyclists in slow motion, struggling, even zig-zagging to finish the race. Epic, like Ted King likes to say!

So, Tour de Georgia, was a pleasure meeting you, maybe we’ll see you again in 2011?



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