Why do I ride?


Simple question. Not so simple answer! Sooo many reasons. So many emotions involved.

Lets try this.

Ok, the easy way out would be to say that I just need to ride.

But what does that really mean? How does riding become a necessity in someone’s life?

Well, for me, it’s the entire experience that I crave for:

Beforeduringafter the ride.

I love getting ready. Carefully choosing the right outfit, the perfect gear combination. Are arm or knee warmers needed this morning? Vest or jacket? Like a weather specialist, studying the wind and predicting the time when  rain will occur.

Then, there’s the fuel. Cliff bar, Jelly Beans, Team Garmin’s famous rice cakes? Filling up the back pockets. Don’t want to bonk.

All set and out the door I go, sitting on my pink San Marco saddle, deciding which route to take. Asking myself  what kind of workout I want to do.

Hills are my favourite. No doubt about that. I’m a climber.

The rhythm, the suffering, the pain, the inner strength needed to overcome the difficulties of a challenging terrain.

Putting my life on hold. My mind slowly getting numb. Energy saving mode. Nothing else matters. Legs are burning, heart’s gonna explode, lungs may burst out of my chest. I won’t make it. I can’t breath anymore. I feel nauseous. I see little white dots in front of me.

Suddenly, I see it: the top of the climb. A few more turns and I’m there. Overcoming  insecurities. Up the saddle, I can’t feel anything anymore. I’m flying away from the ground. Dancing above it all. Pain free. 195 bpm. Over excited! Living in the moment, like there were no tomorrow. Fearless.

Heading home with a fresh mind, no worries, problems long gone. Sometimes, I can’t even remember what day it is. I feel like a kid. Strong and light at the same time!

Getting food in my stomach is all that matters now. Refuelling, rest and recovery.


That’s what I love about riding; feeling alive when barely able to breath! And the clear path that comes out of it afterwards. Keeps me sane.



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