Youpi, Snowstorm!


 Part 1 : 10h30, Wednesday morning.

Waiting state for me today.

In Tremblant, according to Accuweather, we’re expecting 15 to 25 cm of heavy snow. And tonight, an extra 8 to 15. Getting colder also, down to -26°C (-14F for you guys south of the boarder).

It’s the first storm of the season.

In Montreal, it complicates the traffic.

Here, it makes everybody happy: tourists, skiers, store owners, kids, dogs…and me!

Here is a before it all started pic :

So far, the snow is pretty and fluffy. The wind is picking up. We’re getting somewhere!

You may be wondering what I mean by waiting state. I mean waiting to put on my favourite Silverfoot tuque, my warmest ski gloves, my super North Face boots…and my snowshoes!

To do so, I need a minimum of 15cm. Such a fun feeling to get out and head in the woods right next to my house, and opening up my trails! Quick, my black Lab, loves it too! Of course, so many deers here! You can see him asking me: « I’m all set, when is the real stuff  coming? »

As I said before, great workout, low cost and fun!

A way to enjoy those cold and nasty winter days.

Will be back later today for a storm update. Meanwhile, keep warm, enjoy a soup  and hope for a lot of that awesome snow!


PS Can’t wait for the after pic.

PS2 Oh, by the way, would love to know how YOU feel about snowstorms…

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