Pearl Plush this winter at Columbia stores

Columbia 2009-2010 020

I had such a blast today at Columbia store in Tremblant!

A large Americano in one hand, my camera in the other, I was in a happy place, surrounded by so many bright colours!

Micheline was so nice, taking pictures of me trying out lots of different outfits.Columbia 2009-2010 022

And, as you can imagine, I fell in love with a few items;

The Pear Plush Fleece is my personal favourite. So soft, it’s the “absolute queen of comfort”, like they say. For 84$, you may steal her heart for ever! Columbia 2009-2010 024

The Plush collection is also getting famous: Last week, at the Lauch of the 9th edition of the 24h of Tremblant, Mélanie Turgeon and Anne-Marie Withenshaw were proudly posing wearing it! http://www.24htremblant.com/ski/en/

Here are 5 “must get” for your Christmas stockings:

1-     34.99$: Glacial fleece Half Zip. A soft microfleece, smooth, with an anti-pill finish that will last years.

2-     Pear Plush Fleece hats (20$), scarves (25$) and gloves (25$). Again, treat your loved ones with a little luxury!

3-     59.99$: Fast Track Fleece Jacket: It’s the perfect all-around jacket. There’s even a tiny pocket for you mp3 player.

4-     210$: Lafayette Street Jacket: With the Omni-Tech waterproof, breathable technology, it’s a lovely bomber jacket with an active fit. Gotta love the faux fur on the hood!

5-     149.99$: Helsinky Pants: Omni-Tech waterproof, breathable technology, insulated, articulated knees that gives you both comfort and mobility.

Pink, white and baby blue are definitely in this season. Sweet!

Columbia 2009-2010 031

Merci Micheline!


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