Time for Hot Chillys!

What a chilly Saturday morning; By 11 am, it went up to 5°C. The max for today. For those of you who live south of me, (yes, i’m jealous!), it means about 40 °F. That fresh air wasn’t going to stop me tho. Remember where I was a week from today? Yep, At the local clinic, waiting 3 hours to get anti-inflammatories and pain killers to forget about my tricky neck condition.
« Seize the day », they say!
Choosing the right clothes this time of year is often a challenge in itself. I always get very excited when getting ready. End up going to the bathroom way too much!! Caffeine doesn’t help either. Finding the best gear combination seems to be an art. Soooo many options. Wear too much, you then feel heavy and warm. Also, there’s so much your back pockets can take. On the other hand, underestimate the wind and, well, you’ll freeze!
Lucky me, I was able to find the perfect fit (of course, I always do!), except for the gloves. The fact is that I dislike cycling gloves. Don’t find them attractive at all. So, I never wear any, it the summer, that is. A fashion statement, maybe. Being a massage therapist, it’s not that bright, I’ll give you that. Oh well.
Anyway, I ended up borrowing Pat’s only pair, which are way to big for me. Et voilà, meticulous for everything but for the comfort of my tiny and precious fingers. The wind was soooo cold, should have gone with my Swix cross country red and blue ones! I like those…
Quick workout, an hour top. But, oufff, i could feel cold air entering my throat, working its way down my lungs. Wanted to take a few automn pics; you know, quiet country roads covered with yellow and orange leaves…But, Brrr. Change of plan. Change of pace. All I really wanted to do were short intervals up the saddle to keep my body warm. Only one important stop was worth it: had to say hi to those beautiful black horses that live just up the street from my house.
Back home, homemade soup for lunch. And now, dinner time. Like me, Pat, my boyfriend, doesn’t often wear cycling gloves (not for the same reason tho!). But, unlike me, he is a great chef! I’m lucky! So, on the menu tonight: salmon, asparagus, carrots. And, after all, let’s not forget that it’s Saturday, so chocolate cake it is! Mmmm.
Bon appétit!

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