what we see

A different breed
We consider food as fuel
Our muscles as powerful partners
Our body as a complex engine

We see an unknown territory
As a potential new loop
A recently paved road
As velvet under our wheels
A steep hill
As an intense short interval
A mountain
As a epic challenge

We see injuries
As time away from our passion
Health problems
As our worst enemy

We view the world in a different way
Because we are indeed
An exceptional breed!


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6 Responses to “what we see”

  1. 1 Michael Pratchard
    17 octobre 2010 à 11:24  

    Seems like you’re exploring your poetic side lately…our benefit!! To paraphrase your poem, your talent as a writer is indeed an exceptional breed!

  2. 17 octobre 2010 à 12:44  

    Yet another great entry – such poetic talent!

  3. 17 octobre 2010 à 2:44  

    Exceptional we are….great poem. So great to see you writing again. Please keep them coming.


  4. 17 octobre 2010 à 8:29  

    Très bien! You should publish a book.


  5. 17 octobre 2010 à 9:17  

    Velvet under the wheels
    Fabulous, MariJo!

  6. 6 RaceG
    18 octobre 2010 à 6:48  

    That was exceptional MariJo! I love it! So true LOL Right now is one of my favorite poems Thanks for that! xoxo


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